PZ Cussons Engages Admedia Communications Ltd in the Production of Caring for Kenya Television Commercial (TVC)

About the Client

PZ Cussons is a dynamic consumer products group that began in Sierra Leone. The company was originally founded by George Zochonis and George Paterson who began trading commodities with the UK in 1884. For the last over 135 years, PZ Cussons has become a worldwide brand providing solutions in personal care and beauty products, home care, food and nutrition, and electronic products.

About the Caring For Kenya Project

Water and sanitation-related diseases are the leading causes of death in children under the age of 5 in Kenya. According to statistics, about 9.4 million Kenyans drink directly from contaminated water sources. Imperial Leather in partnership with Rotary came together in a campaign dubbed Caring For Kenya; to offer support within the low-income communities by donating 10 shillings for every soap you buy towards improving water and sanitation facilities.

The Challenge

So as to capture visuals and to tell stories of the current situations regarding water and sanitation in the low-income areas, Imperial Leather in partnership with Rotary took the challenge to Admedia Communications Ltd. The challenge required Admedia to come up with the visual concept, script, actual visuals, edit, and colour grade the 45-seconds long TVC. Our Video Production Team ventured into the low-income areas and took shots of the locals going about their daily activities in regards to water and sanitation, and built a story around the two. 


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