PZ Cussons Contracts Admedia Communications in TVC production and Communications Support

Project Duration: January 2018 to Present

There are days when companies approach media agencies with their problem statement in the form of call for tender application. On other days Admedia Communications Ltd approaches companies with solutions. This was the case with PZ Cussons.

About the Client

PZ Cussons is a dynamic consumer products group that began in Sierra Leone. The company was originally founded by George Zochonis and George Paterson who began trading commodities with the UK in 1884. For the last over 135 years, PZ Cussons has become a worldwide brand providing solutions in personal care and beauty products, home care, food and nutrition, and electronic products.

The Solution

Imperial Leather products are some of the popular personal care and beauty products by PZ Cussons in Kenya. They are top-notch products and as Admedia Communications Ltd we felt that they needed a bit of a shout-out. At the time their biggest competitors including BIDCO had a myriad of ads on Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, murals and anywhere where they could fit an ad. And since PZ Cussons weren’t running any ads at the time, we felt that it was the perfect time to approach them with a campaign which after brainstorming with the team the title Meta Meta Na Mita was unanimously agreed to be the perfect title for the campaign.

The Approach

The campaign entailed having random gift vouchers in all the PZ Cussons consumer products including personal care and beauty and home care products. The lucky winners walked away with cash prizes plus other PZ Cussons products and the ultimate prize was a trip to Dubai for two.

Meta Meta Na Mita campaign ran ads on TV, on Billboards along the major roads, Newspapers, Magazines, and on Radio.


The campaign was launched at the luxurious Radisson Blue Hotel in Upper Hill and attracted more than 1000 winners throughout the 30day campaign period.

Admedia did in-camera interviews for all the winners who won Kshs.5000 and above in all towns in the country and these interviews ran as TV Commercials and on the various social media platforms.

It’s without a doubt that the sales went up and PZ Cussons gained faithful customers along the way. The campaign was such a success. This was the birth of our relationship with PZ Cussons who we’ve successfully been serving since 2018 in all matters branding and TVC.

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