FOREMEN Engages Admedia in Content Creation and Digital Marketing

We at Admedia take pride in working with the most renowned shoe brand in Kenya and in East Africa, the FOREMEN which currently has branches in Kenya and in Tanzania. FOREMEN is a company that prides itself in elegance and class when it comes to fashion and high end men’s shoes. Their shoes are handmade and remain true to their slogan, ‘Shoes You Can Live In’. Founded in 2013 after meeting the Eylul family, one of the finest shoe making families in Turkey, FOREMEN was dedicated to bring that quality back home after learning about the family’s long tradition in shoes making dubbed ‘kisayol yok’ meaning never compromising on the quality of the materials or craftsmanship.  

The Challenge

However, the brand establishment in Kenya wasn’t short of challenges in a market that was flooded with fake shoe brands which were not only overpriced but lacked durability.   To establish itself as the authentic shoe brand in Kenya, it’s without a doubt that the company had to source for the best of the best when it came to branding and digital marketing. At the time, the digital marketing sector in Kenya was still just taking its baby steps and only a handful of companies had the right recipe to online success. Come Admedia Communications.

Knocking at the doors of Admedia wasn’t our everyday client. The big man was suited up and dressed to kill. He had worn the kind of shoes that were a novelty even in a city with a bunch of braggadocios when it came to fashion. We later learnt that those were FOREMEN shoes. When he said that he wanted us to work on the content development and digital marketing, we had no doubt judging from the aura that was already present in the room that we were about to associate ourselves with a brand that was going to stand out as the best in the market. It was a YES from us.

The Solution

Our first step as a company was to create a strong visual identity for our client. The logo and the tagline were reworked and the branding of the company name on shoes including the packaging materials followed. We fed new information into the company’s social media accounts and then then commenced the content development. From a client who believed in nothing less than perfection, we had to bring out our best when it came to creativity. Just as in the shoes, they were keen on detail on every aspect of the designs. The content development was followed by a massive digital campaign that established the FOREMEN brand to the Kenyan market and to the customers.


Come 2020, the company had more than 30k followers on Instagram on its Kenyan page and another 32k followers on its Tanzanian IG page, and 16k on Facebook, making it one of the most sought-after shoe brands in Kenya and in East Africa.

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