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Admedia Communications Supports Execution of AGRF 2023 Dealroom Promotion

Admedia Communications Supports Execution of AGRF 2023 Dealroom Promotion scaled
Admedia Communications
Admedia Communications

Unveiling the Impact Stories and Dealroom Promotion

In the world of agribusiness, partnerships and investments are the lifeblood of growth and progress. Enter the Agribusiness Dealroom, a dynamic matchmaking platform that has been instrumental in fostering collaborations in African agriculture and food systems. One might wonder, how does such an initiative make its presence felt across a vast continent like Africa? The answer lies in impactful storytelling and multimedia promotion, and this is where Admedia Communications steps into the spotlight.

The Africa Food Systems Forum was held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from 4th to 8th September. Under the capable leadership of President Samia Suluhu Hassan, the summit bore the theme: “Recover, Regenerate, Act: Africa’s Solutions for Food Systems Transformation.” It was a rallying cry for the transformation of African food systems, a call to action that demanded attention not only from Africa but from the entire world.

In the lead-up to AGRF 2023 Summit, the Agribusiness Dealroom needed a powerful promotional campaign to showcase its work and attract stakeholders. This is where Admedia Communications entered the picture, armed with the tools and expertise needed to make an impact.

The Role of Admedia Communications

Admedia’s mission for this assignment was to craft captivating stories and documentaries that highlighted the work of the Dealroom beneficiaries – SMEs operating in multiple African countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal.

The scope of work was extensive, including everything from pre-production (concept development, scriptwriting, and storyboarding) to shoot production and post-production editing. Admedia was tasked with creating both video and print materials to promote the Dealroom, not only leading up to AGRF 2023 but also beyond.

The Path to Success

To achieve this ambitious project, Admedia Communications assembled a team of experts, including videographers, photographers, impact book copywriters, editors, and graphic designers.

Admedia delivered a digital and print version of the impact book, serving as a comprehensive testament to the Dealroom’s success stories. We also produced promotional videos, weaving together aspects from all participating countries, and went the extra mile by translating them into Swahili and French to cater to diverse audiences. Each country had its own 3-minute promo video, highlighting unique aspects and tailored to local contexts. Furthermore, Admedia crafted twenty 1-minute promotional videos, each focusing on different SMEs and partners. Lastly, a 1-minute Call to Action video was produced to engage viewers and inspire them to take part in the Dealroom’s mission.

In addition to the videos, professionally edited photos from each country were created, ensuring that the storytelling aspect was not confined to moving images but extended to still visuals as well.

The Bigger Picture

The Agribusiness Dealroom plays a pivotal role in African agriculture and food systems, bringing together stakeholders to drive growth and prosperity. It is platforms like these, with the support of partners like Admedia Communications, that are instrumental in achieving the overarching goals of AGRF 2023.

After the summit in Dar es Salaam, the impact of the Dealroom promotion will be felt not only in showcasing the success stories but also in attracting investments and partnerships that will drive Africa’s food systems transformation. Admedia’s support to this mission exemplifies the power of multimedia storytelling in shaping the future of agribusiness on the continent.

The Agribusiness Dealroom and its partners, including Admedia, are not just promoting agriculture; they are sowing the seeds of change, nurturing innovation, and harvesting the fruits of progress. Africa’s food systems are on the cusp of a transformation, and thanks to initiatives like this, the future looks brighter than ever.

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